Who we are

OITER is the Organization of Intercultural
Training, Education and Research (OITER oiter.org) in the Middle East.

OITER provides intercultural training, education and research to help people foster the knowledge, abilities and understanding which in turn creates a more just and peaceful world.

We attempt to prepare people with skills to involve, lead, and take initiatives in their communities to help the world successfully interact together.

We are working on building a network of interculturally competent individuals in the world and ME in particular with activities ranging from training, education and research.

OITER is established to help people:

  • Learn about the impact of culture on values and the decisions making

  • Improve the ability to better perceive themselves through others

  • Challenge stereotypes

  • Increase the level of tolerance in terms of cultural differences

  • Broaden their views on international issues

  • Gain understanding on how to communicate effectively and appropriately

  • Develop the intercultural skills, knowledge and understanding needed to become active cosmopolitan citizens.

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